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 Flagstone and Slate Services

Radiant stone care is largely recognized as the authority on flagstone restoration, flagstone cleaning and sealing, flagstone stripping, slate maintenance, slate cleaning, slate sealing, and many more services done to slate and flagstone.

Due to the extensive experience of our team of flagstone experts and slate experts on maintaining and restoring flagstone and slate Radiant Stone Care has won the acclaim of all southern California and established our selves as the preferred choice for flagstone maintenance and slate maintenance.

Radiant stone care has been successful at bringing together the best and most skilled team of natural stone experts specializing in flagstone restoration and slate maintenance for your benefit.

Slate as an exterior decorative stone: slate has been for many years the stone of choice for exterior public areas due to it`s durability, classic and rustic look and resistance to the elements

Slate as the interior design stone of choice. The rustic look of slate has foster the creativity of interior designers around the world for years , some of the most intricate designs and classic looks have been, inspired by the natural feel of slate

Flagstone decorative properties: flagstone allows it self to be arraigned in many different designs patters due to it`s ruff, and raw look and feel. Weather it is in big pieces to middle slab like sections or finely cut bricks, slate is one of the few natural materials that gives a sense of natural unadulterated feel.

The most common deteriorating factors with slate and flagstone is moisture, exposure to the natural elements, wear and tear, and heavy traffic And lack of proper maintenance

There are many different proven techniques we use to restore and bring back the luster of flagstone and slate.You can have one of our Highly Skilled Professionals come to you. For a free consultation to determine the needs of your stone. By Getting A FREE QUOTE

Or Calls us and consult us at (800) 930- 5421.

The proper and most common process consist of the following steps:

1.Safeguard all delicate areas

If the floor has been treated with topical sealer (non penetrating sealer) the surface needs to be striped of the old sealer to reapply a new coat of topical sealer.

 2.Strip Topical sealer.

3.Deep Scrubbing And Sanitizing with Ph. Neutral Cleaner

 4.Hand Brush Grout to reduce impurities (over all70-80% improvement guaranteed)

 6.Apply 2-3x applications of Sealer.

If the floor has been treated with topical sealer (non penetrating sealer) the surface needs to be striped of the old sealer to reapply a new coat of topical sealer.

Option 1. Apply topical sealer.

If the surface has not been treated with topical sealer.

Option 2. Apply color-enhancing sealer.

Option 3. Penetrating sealer.

7.Remove Excess sealer.

Slate stripping and flagstone striping.

Topical sealer is widely used to protect slate and protect flagstone, the advantage of topical sealer is that creates a film on top of the surface and helps protect plus it gives the stone an always-fresh look disadvantage is that when topical sealer is present it needs to be striped out to apply a new film every time it deteriorates.

Color enhancing sealer specially designed for slate sealing and flagstone sealing will accent certain colors of the stone to give it a more even and balanced look. Call us atand consult one of our experts on the advantages and disadvantages of this type of sealer

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Our Natural Stone Experts Are always Available.

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