Paver And Brick Services

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Paver and Brick Services:

With more than 10 years experience in paver and Brick cleaning our Experts will bring out and reveal the Freshness and beauty of your Paver surface in no Time.

The durability and low maintenance of brick and paver:
Brick and paver flooring is one of the most durable and resistant decorative surfaces, paver flooring brings a sense of comfort and the environment

Maintaining and restoring the rustic feel and look of brick and paver.
Proper Procedure for Cleaning and sealing paver and brick floor is as follows:

1.Safeguard all delicate areas
2.Stripping Topical Sealer If Present*
3.Deep Scrubbing And Sanitizing with Ph. Neutral Cleaner
4.Hand Brush Grout to reduce impurities (over all70-80% improvement guaranteed)
5.Detail and repairs
6.Apply 2-3x applications of Sealer

*Stripping Topical acrylic Sealer and Wax from paver and brick floor:
Stripping consist of using solvent solutions to weaken the acrylic bond on the surface to be able to remove the old sealer and apply a fresh new layer of sealer.

When striping topical sealer we only use the finest in materials and solvents. All tested and approved by our senior technician team to make sure that the desired result is achieved with no side effects to the surface.

Grout cleaning and grout coloring:
In many instances when it comes to grout on paver, which has been sealed with acrylic sealer, with grout being abrasive, sealer bonds to grout even more than to the pavers themselves. This is why special emphasis is put on cleaning grout to get rid of as much grime as possible. In some instances grout might need to be colored in order to hide patches or areas where impurities have penetrated too deep

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Our Natural Stone Experts Are always Available.

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