Natural Stone Clean And Seal

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Natural Stone Clean And Seal:

If the damage is not sever a Clean and Seal could be performed on your surface given that the surface is an almost new installation condition. It consists of doing a deep cleaning with a PH neutral cleaner using a mild scrubbing pad. This process entitles cleaning the grout which is done by hand leaving a 70-80 % clean grout.

Once this process is done and the surface is properly dry a penetrating sealer will be applied to the surface, leaving it to dry and buffing the excess sealer out.

Natural Stone Cleaning And Sealing:

Cleaning and sealing is the most basic Service applied to natural stone and is recommended on low traffic areas as well as covered areas (underneath rugs and such) consisting of the following steps:

1.Safeguard all delicate areas

3.Deep Scrubbing And Sanitizing with PH Neutral Cleaner

4.Deep scrub with Buffing Machine.

5.Hand Brush Grout to reduce impurities (over all70-80% improvement guaranteed)

6.Apply 2-3x applications of Permeating Sealer

7.Remove Excess sealer

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