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Marble Services:

 The beauty of marble lies in it`s unique natural properties, a dense natural stone with intricate natural design. Ranging from darkest deepest colors to the lightest and clearest.

Marble restoration and travertine restoration you will find the process to be fairly similar with subtle differences.

The following are the four most common processes and services recommended to maintain marble:

  • Marble restoration, marble resurfacing or marble diamond sanding (removing stain, etching and scratches)
    This process is needed when the surface has developed holes, scratches, etches or stains due to high traffic areas lack of maintenance or just simple every day accidents acidic liquids organic substances such as bananas oils or plants will eventually show deterioration on the stone this process will renew the areas of concern.
  • Marble Cleaning, polishing and sealing. (Bringing back shine)
    This process is recommended when there are no etches scratches or stains present, the process is considerably more cost efficient due to the less labor intensity than the previous process what this process will do is sanitize the stone, even out the luster of the stone by re-polishing, and protecting as well, by resealing the entire area
  • Marble cleaning and sealing (maintaining and sanitizing)
    The least costly of the three due to the least labor intensiveness, this process is recommended as a preventive measure and when the floor does not present much wear and tear, when the main concerns is sanitizing and maybe a scratch here and there, as well as protecting the stone by resealing.
  • Filling crack and holes with epoxy (color matching)
    Epoxy is the standard material used in our industry to fill holes and cracks on natural stone. If you notice carefully you will see that on your Marble there are little specks of synthetic material which blends in with the stone to cover holes or cracks that were formed naturally on your those holes and cracks tend to come undone from time to time. In which case. We match the color, apply the solution and polish the area to blend with the stone.

 The level of difficulty for marble polishing, marble cleaning and sealing, is determined by the type, color and density of the stone itself.

You can have one of our Highly Skilled Professionals come to you. For a free consultation to determine the needs of your stone. By Getting A FREE QUOTE

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Our technicians Staff Is highly skilled on different techniques of marble restoration:
Marble restoration requires a high level of detail and focus when attempting to bring back the best shine out of the stone. Our senior technicians are constantly developing new techniques to customize and adapt to the necessity of each individual project. See Our Process for more details

Tips on how to maintain marble looking sharp and beautiful:
Regular maintenance on marble is fairly simple the most effective way when the stone is well sealed is to simply clean with a damp wet towel then immediately dry with a clean dry cloth. When Good Resurfacing With An Even Shine has been acquired, very little needs to be done to maintain the stone Looking Radiant.

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