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Limestone-Sandstone Services

Natural Stone Restoration: Including limestone restoration, sandstone maintenance and more…

Our process Guarantees the absolute Best results in stone restoration, our process will bring out the best your stone has to offer. The following is descriptions of the process we have developed, with a detailed description of all are the necessary steps to follow in order to acquire the absolute best results

 Also known as resurfacing, Restoration Is one of the most common services done to Natural stone recommended to reduce etches, scratches, stains or lack of luster due to constant use and heavy traffic. the main step Being Diamond sanding with different Grits or density of Diamond Pads. The Following are the steps we follow to ensure the best results for natural stone restoration:

1.Safeguard all delicate areas

2.Deep Scrubbing And Sanitizing with Ph. Neutral Cleaner

3.Resurface with Diamond Pads to Remove Scratches and etching

4.Hand Brush Grout to reduce impurities (over all70-80% improvement guaranteed) 

 5.Polish to a_____ Finish

6.Apply 2-3x applications of Permeating Sealer

7.Remove Excess sealer.

This process guarantees the best results to restore limestone, sandstone restoration marble restoration, travertine resurfacing, granite stain and scratch removal, and more For a free consultation to determine the needs of your stone. By Getting A FREE QUOTE

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