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Granite Services

The beauty and elegance of granite: Unlike marble, travertine and other less dense stones. granite, due to it`s density and compression does not stain, scratch or etch easily. The good news is that when it does our highly skilled technicians can still repair the surface and bring it back to look as good as when it was first installed.

Commercial use of granite: due to it`s durability and density granite is difficult to stain crack or etch this is one of the main reasons why granite is being used more and more on public spaces specially in high traffic areas giving public areas a decorative and elegant touch. While taking advantage of it`s durability and resistance.

 Residential use of granite: generally used in granite countertops and kitchen island, bathrooms, shower walls, and floors. One thing to take into account about granite countertop cleaning, is that even thought constant cleaning is a good practice, granite in the long run will still collect minuscule residual from food and liquids with in it`s minute crevices and pores this is why granite countertop sanitizing is recommended every 2 years depending on use and wear.

The following are the four most common processes and services recommended to maintain Granite:

Granite restoration, granite resurfacing or granite diamond sanding (reducing stain, etching and scratches): Unlike marble travertine and other less dense stones this process Is less common on granite due to the density and compression of the stone it self. Granite does not stain, scratch, or etch easily. The good news is that when it does we can still repair the surface This process is needed when the surface has developed scratches, etches or stains due to high traffic areas lack of maintenance or just simple every day accidents spills from acidic liquids, organic substances such as bananas, oils, or plants, will eventually show deterioration on the stone. this process will renew the areas of concern.

Granite Cleaning, polishing and sealing. (Bringing back shine): This process is recommended when there are no etches scratches or stains present, the process is considerably more cost efficient due to the less labor intensity than the previous process what this process will do is sanitize the stone, even out the luster of the stone by re-polishing and protecting the stone by sealing area.

Granite cleaning and sealing (maintaining and sanitizing): The least costly of the three due to the least labor intensiveness, this process is recommended as a preventive measure and when the surface does not present much wear and tear, and when the main concerns is sanitizing, as well as protecting the stone by resealing.

Filling crack and holes with epoxy (color matching): Epoxy is the standard material used in our industry to fill holes and cracks on natural stone. We match the color, apply the solution and polish the area to blend with the stone.

Granite countertop repair and re-securing: There are several techniques to repair granite countertops. the proper procedure to use depends on the severity of the damage the most common steps would be the following:

  1. Re-secure, if the damage is significant first we have to create groves underneath the pieces to insert metal rods to join the broken pieces.
  2. Epoxy bonding, next we use a solution made of epoxy to join the pieces and the rods together.
  3. After that it`s all about cleaning, polishing, and sealing the surface.


Tips and recommendations: Throughout the years the most common service in our industry is granite countertop repair, this is due to the constant use of countertops. Even thought granite is one of the most resistant surfaces, just like any other natural stone granite will still deteriorate with time. But here are a few precautions you can take to prolong the life of your countertop.

  • Always make sure that the caulking around the sink is in good condition to prevent moisture from getting under the stone moisture is the worst enemy of stone once it gets inside will weaken the bong of the molecules weakening areas and finally creating gaps holes or cracks.
  • Reseal: it`s recommended you have at least a simple professional cleaning and sealing process done every 2 years the few hundred dollars you spend in maintenance will in the long run save thousands in costly repairs. by slowing down the deterioration of your granite countertop and having to replace.
  • Use the proper cleaning liquids: ph. neutral cleaner is the recommended solution to clean your granite countertop, ph. neutral is a specially formulated solution to maintain stone, leaving no residue that can get into the pores.
  • Clean and dry: always clean your countertop after each use with a moist towel and then imediatelly dry the area with a dry towel


If you follow these steps we guarantee you will get many years of enjoyment out of your stone.

The level of difficulty for granite restoration, granite cleaning and sealing, granite polishing and sealing is determined by the type, color and density of the stone itself.

You can have one of our Highly Skilled Professionals come to you. For a free consultation to determine the needs of your stone. By Getting A FREE QUOTE

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Our technician Staff Is highly skilled on different techniques of granite resurfacing: Granite restoration requires a high level of detail and focus when attempting to bring back the best shine out of the stone. Our senior technicians are constantly developing new techniques to customize and adapt to the necessity of each individual project. See Our Process for more details.

Tips on how to maintain granite looking sharp and beautiful: Regular maintenance on granite countertops is fairly simple the most effective way when the stone is well sealed is to simply clean with a damp wet towel then immediately dry with a clean dry cloth. When Good Resurfacing With An Even Shine has been acquired, very little needs to be done to maintain your granite countertop Looking Radiant.

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