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Terrazzo and Concrete

With over 20 years experience on polishing Terrazzo and concrete Surfaces our team of experts will bring back the beauty on your surfaces to create a lush and smooth feel in no time.

Polishing concrete and terrazzo.

Is a process in which several levels of aggressive pads combined with treating the surface to a chemical densifier are used to acquire different levels of smoothness and aggregate reveal

The low maintenance in polished concrete makes it the preferred surface choice for High traffic areas, buildings, warehouses, and large public spaces.

Call us at 1- 800-930-5421 one of our experts will come to you and assess your project at no cost to and with no obligation. Our experts will explain in detail how we can complete your project and what you can expect out of the process

Cleaning and sealing concrete and terrazzo
In many cases, all a well maintained surface needs is a cleaning and sealing process this process is not as labor intensive as a full on restoration process. Therefore not as costly. Call us to have one of our experts come to you and determine what process is we recommended to maximize your investment.

Terrazzo and concrete repairs
Crack repairs in terrazzo and concrete are fairly common we can use several exclusive techniques depending on the individual needs of the surface, reducing the appearance of imperfections and in many cases completely erase the look of cracks and chipped areas.

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Our Natural Stone Experts Are always Available.

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