Ceramic-Porcelain Services

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Ceramic And Porcelain Services

Cleaning, Repairs and maintenance of ceramic and porcelain surfaces.

The most common types of repairs on ceramic or porcelain floors and surfaces generally have to do with grout discoloration, grout wear, broken tiles, loose tiles, discoloration and wear of tiles themselves, mold accumulation, accumulation of impurities such as dirt dry liquids spills etc. our experts will assess and address any issues with the utmost attention to detail possible to guarantee the successful completion of your project.

Ceramic and porcelain tile floors are commonly found in high traffic areas due to it`s low maintenance needs. If properly maintained ceramic floors can last years without much need of professional care, once we complete a project our experts will present you with professional and simple tips on maintaining your surface clean and vibrant for as long as possible.

Proper professional procedure for cleaning Ceramic and porcelain floor consist of the following steps:

1.Safeguard all delicate areas

2.Deep Scrubbing And Sanitizing with Ph. Neutral Cleaner

3.Scrubbing surface with an industrial Buffing machine

4.Hand Brush Grout to reduce impurities (over all70-80% improvement guaranteed)

 5.Detail and repairs

6.Apply 2-3x applications of Permeating Sealer (on grout lines only)

Please Note: we use only industrial grade and professional cleaners and solutions to address any issues with your Ceramic Floor and Porcelain surface.

Sanitize surface:

When we are assigned to cleaning Ceramic and porcelain Surfaces the main Focus is on sanitizing, deep cleaning and reducing the accumulation of impurities on grout to the highest levels possible. The results are always astounding, a cleaned sanitized and Radiant surface for you to enjoy.

Repair and Retouch of grout:

When segments of grout are loose or coming apart our experts will pull as much of the loose grout and retouch the areas as needed to make sure all grout looks even and consistent.

Fixing loose tiles and re-securing tiles:

when re-securing ceramic or porcelain tiles we first need to assess to area in question to determine the proper procedure to apply, there are several ways to do this depending on a few factors, including type of underlayment, type of tiles thickness and type of grout (sanded non-sanded) etc.…. in many instances the tiles can just be re-secured by pulling and replacing other situation might require to inject flowing epoxy under the surface.

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